Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgivng Bars

These are some bars that I wrote on Thanksgiving morning. As of lately I've been writing some longer pieces in between writing to new beats. This one turned out to be somewhat conceptual, because I was thinking about how my life's been and who and what in my life I should be thankful for. This is how it turned out:

don't know exactly what i'm thankful for,
seems life has taken me out of my faithful form,
once the early bird now my words are more under place than worms,
face is burned feel jaded and the taste has worn,
out with my head high tryna find the grace to breathe,
chasing dreams giving thanks for another day to eat,
raising my son to be better bc i've missed fate,
hoping he can learn from what i mention of my mistakes,
gotta grind no stall in ways though i've lost maps,
and after this holiday it's back to follow ups and job apps,
wish i was thankful for a new fit collared tough and driving with the top back,
under my fitteds i hide my hair no ducketts to get my top flat,
to top that,
i'm dropping two albums next fiscal you prolly won't even cop at,
your local record shop,
although u'll swear from what u've heard my records hot,
writtens spinning in my mind at night no making the record stop,
blessed to rock though i confess the talk,
around me i take with a grain of salt,
bc all the props and fame i bury with lames of the same resolve,
can't shake the chip always with something to prove,
you'd find it hard to make something out of nothing if that something is you,
still i'm tryna build up so i continue to spill tough,
even if my city still sleeps i'll be the heat that chills chumps,
bc the hates always been an issue,
even tho since 97 i've been official with verses stemmed from misuse,
taken my shots from frauds who rehearse tryna mend with pistols,
death is fresh in my nightmares i've felt the tissue,
tear through the skin and tears bring light stares
from those who need help to miss you,
grip my life tight even as it melts through fistfulls,
in the fight of my life so when there's strife i keep my fist pulled,
back on the attack till i keep the bruise steady,
while the reaper sneaks into every scene and screams "are you ready?",
the truth's spreading in booths the gloom it moves out,
and my 16's pitch clean even when i'm loose mouthed,
my crew's stout why i keep my brothers at arms reach,
wish i didn't have to call Reach and tell him to get SP on speed,
should've been on the road and back still we off the chosen path,
taking a back seat to these wack fleets when we should hold the stacks,
won't be waiting on my chance should be thankful for the hardships,
bc without struggle the success wouldn't change what has long gripped,
know with a pen i will extend range till my palms rip,
and though i'm wishing i had more to stake positive,
i'm positive that '08 was one step framed in this hollow trip,
though it feels like my chest is pressed with the hollow tips,
there's still a light at the end of the tunnel if i follow quick,
there's a lot of risk bc stepping out of yourself is like arguing if God exists,
i'm walking out the shadows with a proud flow hope you can cross the mist....

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