Friday, September 25, 2009

Life On The Road

So i just got back today from a short circuit tour, and I'm dead tired while i type this. Hopefully this attempt to articulate will be easy to comprehend. I was really excited when I got the word that we were headed out to other cities, because lately the local shows in Kansas City have honestly had awful turnouts. Also, because I just released an album and was anxious to see how it would be received by people who weren't familiar with me or my music. The dates really didn't go well, well at least they didn't go how I had visualized in my mind. Not to say that I completely didn't enjoy myself because they were definitely alot of dope moments involved in the trip. I went out on the road with Project Blowed representatives Menacin Johnson his homeboy Grand Scheme, and fellow Soul Provider Dutch Newman. There really wasn't a dull moment as far as entertainment, there company made the long amount of time in the car worthwhile. It was unfortunately everything else that went south from there. There's too many details to really go in depth with the shortcomings of the events we played, so I won't bore you. Needless to say, I have a new game plan mentally arranged for the next time that opportunities to tour arrive. I learned alot of lessons on this short trip that I'm going to apply to my future. In the end that justifies all of the money, time, and energy spent.

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